WATCH: Trump Uses Water Bottle to Mock Rubio's 2013 Speech Moment

Rubio: 'Political Con Man' Trump Has Been Exploiting Working Americans for Years

Donald Trump responded this morning to Marco Rubio repeatedly calling him out as a “political con man.”

Trump called the Florida senator’s jabs “insulting” and a “desperate” attempt to win voters.

“He’s doing very badly. They hate him in Florida,” he said in a Fox and Friends Weekend interview.

The New York billionaire again denied the $200 million figure that Rubio has been citing to voters.

Rubio has suggested that Trump was only able to make his fortune after inheriting that amount from his father.

Asked where the senator had gotten that number, Trump replied, “He got it from an article that was written in the failing New York Times, by a terrible writer who had no idea what he was writing.”

“I borrowed a million dollars, I paid it back, and I built a company that’s worth over $10 billion,” said Trump.

“I have to listen to this total lightweight. He’s a lightweight. Calling me a con man. What a disgraceful thing that he’s allowed to do it.”

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