Trump: Here's Where Rubio Got that '$200 Million' Figure

Christie Explains Why He Endorsed Trump

Chris Christie went after Marco Rubio’s Senate attendance record today, remarking that the Florida senator’s pledge to work hard for the GOP nomination sends a different message from his time in office so far.

“That’d be a real switch for Sen. Rubio, since he doesn’t work much at all,” Christie told voters at a Donald Trump rally held in Arkansas.

The New Jersey governor went on to accuse Rubio of missing “60 percent of all the meetings in the foreign relations committee,” and “80 percent of the meetings on the commerce committee.”

“Since he’s been in the Senate, he’s missed 68 percent of all of the committee meetings he’s been assigned to,” Christie said.

“Hey Marco, show up for work for the American people!”

The only person in this race who’s created jobs in this race is Donald Trump, he added.

“One message to Sen. Rubio, wherever you are right now – unlike the United States Senate, President of the United States is not a no-show job, so you’re not qualified.”

Watch the speech, above.

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