'America Will Keep Its Word Again': Christie Endorses Trump for President

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Donald Trump used a water bottle to mock Sen. Marco Rubio - a reference to the senator's 2013 State of the Union response - at a Texas rally today.

Calling Rubio a "choke artist," Trump made fun of Rubio for repeating himself multiple times at the New Hampshire debate, which was then famously called out by Chris Christie. 

"He was so scared. Like a little frightened puppy. ... He was sweating so badly. I've never seen anything like it," said Trump. 

He then pointed back to the 2013 live television moment, saying it was a "catastrophe" which proved that Rubio is a "choke artist."

The comments came just after Trump received an endorsement from Christie.

"I've experienced that over my long friendship with him, and what the American people and our allies around the world are going to understand is that Donald Trump is someone who keeps his word, and that means America will keep its word again," he declared. 

Christie ended his bid for the White House earlier this month after a disappointing finish in New Hampshire.

Watch a clip of the moment below. 

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