On the heels of their testy one-on-one battles with Donald Trump last night, hear from Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz tonight on Fox News Channel

At 6pm ET on "Special Report," Bret Baier will talk to Sen. Rubio about last night's tussle with Trump and his chances heading into the crucial Super Tuesday primaries.

And he'll react to Trump's continued attacks today during a rally where he received an endorsement from Gov. Chris Christie. 

And at 10pm ET, it's a special edition of "Hannity," as Sean presents an hour-long interview with Sen. Cruz.

Hannity, who sat down for a full-hour with Trump earlier this week, will go one-on-one with Cruz at a campaign event in Nashville, Tennessee. Watch preview clips of the can't-miss "Hannity" interview above and below.

Here's more of what you'll see tonight: 

At 7pm ET, Greta brings you smart analysis of the GOP debate and asks Herman Cain about which candidate has the best strategy to halt Trump's momentum. 

At 8pm ET, you won't want to miss Bill O'Reilly's take on the debate theatrics, along with powerful political analysis from Chris Wallace, Kirsten Powers, Bernie Goldberg, Geraldo Rivera and Eric Bolling.

At 9pm ET, Megyn Kelly will have an exclusive interview with two Christian bakers who were forced to close down for following their religious beliefs. They will break a government-ruled gag order and speak out!

See it all tonight on a can't-miss primetime lineup.

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