Rubio: We're Going to Unmask 'Con Man' Trump

WATCH: Trump Uses Water Bottle to Mock Rubio's 2013 Speech Moment

On a special “Hannity” tonight, Ted Cruz joined Sean for the full hour and weighed in on a variety of topics, including the state of the 2016 race, his criticisms of Donald Trump, his plan to defeat ISIS and why Super Tuesday voters should get behind his campaign.

Watch some of the highlights of the powerful “Hannity” interview below.

Cruz slams Trump’s record, says GOP front-runner's positions are "identical" to Hillary Clinton's


Cruz: Trump’s political ties would lead to corruption if he’s elected president


How President Obama's economic policies are hurting average Americans


Cruz: Trump is a hypocrite on illegal immigration


Cruz explains how he would defeat ISIS as president


Cruz promises to change the rules of engagement for the U.S. military if he wins the White House


Cruz makes his pitch to voters before Super Tuesday

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