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A Fox 13 reporter in Memphis had a doggone tough time during a live shot today.

Earle Farrell was trying to report on the latest in the 2016 presidential race, but a stray dog decided to crash the segment.

"I've got a dog that's apparently taken a liking to me," Farrell explained as the pooch followed him around, trying to mount his leg.

"Down, boy! Get out of here!" Farrell said, as he tried in vain to get the dog to leave.

"We’re gonna come back to you, because I can’t get this thing to leave me alone. We’ll be back,” Farrell said as he walked out of frame.

After Farrell's segment was awkwardly cut short, Fox 13 went back to anchor Ernie Freeman in-studio, where off-screen laughs could be heard.

Watch the hilarious video above.

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