'America Will Keep Its Word Again': Christie Endorses Trump for President

Rubio: We're Going to Unmask 'Con Man' Trump

Marco Rubio told Bret Baier tonight that "political con man" Donald Trump is trying to convince American voters he's something that he's not.

"He's a guy [who] portrays himself as a defender of the little guy in this country. He's been exploiting working Americans for 40 years," Rubio said.

The Florida senator pointed out that whenever any of Trump's businesses went bankrupt, the first people who didn't get paid were the small contractors. He added that people who gave thousands of dollars to Trump University got nothing out of it.

Rubio also said that despite Trump's strong stance against illegal immigration, the billionaire has used illegal immigrants or foreign workers for his construction projects, instead of Americans.

"He's being unmasked, and obviously he doesn't like it," Rubio said. "I think it is unacceptable that the front-runner is a guy who's a con man. And he's trying to take over the party of Reagan. We're not going to let that happen."

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