Social media posts are emerging today purportedly showing the man who killed three people and wounded 14 in a series of shootings yesterday in Kansas.

Cedric Ford, 38, was killed by a police officer who is being hailed as a "tremendous hero." 

Investigators said Ford shot two people while driving to the Excel Industries plant in Hesston - where he worked - and shot another person in the parking lot before going inside. 

The gunman, who had a lengthy criminal record, then shot 15 others in the lawnmower parts factory at random, killing three of them.

The heroic officer is said to have taken out Ford while the attack was still occurring, with 200-300 people still inside the factory.

Investigators said the officer came under fire before he put an end to the horror.

Meantime, we're beginning to learn more about the killer.

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A disturbing video posted online appears to show Ford at shooting practice.

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Police said that Ford was served with a restraining order by a woman less than two hours before the attack. 

The women reportedly stated in the protection order that Ford was "an alcoholic, violent, depressed. ... It’s my belief he is in desperate need of medical & psychological help!"

On Happening Now today, Jenna Lee discussed the case with former FBI official Danny Coulson, who said that the problem is that restraining orders don't work in many cases involving battered women.

"Laws need to be stronger. If you're stalking somebody, that needs to be a serious offense that puts you in jail," said Coulson.

He said that "barring guns" is not the answer because there are so many guns out there for "bad guys" to get their hands on. 

Read more on the shooting rampage at and watch the Happening Now interview below.

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