Marine Hero: I Was Attacked at DC McDonald's 'Because of My Skin Color'

2 Arrested in Cowardly Ambush Attack on Marine Outside D.C. McDonald's

Another U.S. Marine veteran has been brutally attacked in our nation's capital, Fox and Friends reported this morning.

Marine Cpl. Michael Schroeder, 35, was knocked unconscious and left for dead in freezing weather in northwest D.C. 

He laid on the ground for hours between two parked cars, bleeding from his head, before Good Samaritans saw him and called 911.

Schroeder said he doesn't remember much about the attack, which occurred sometime before 2am as he walked home after a night out with friends.

Police have no suspects.

More than $23,000 has been raised on a GoFundMe page to help Schroeder.

According to that page, Schroeder's neurologist believes he will make a full recovery, though it will take two months and require extensive therapy.

He suffered a severe concussion and a fractured skull, among other injuries.

The creator of the fundraising page explained that Schroeder, who served in Iraq and is no longer active-military, had been seeking a job before the attack and is uninsured.

The attack happened Feb. 12, the same day as an assault on decorated Marine Sgt. Christopher Marquez outside a D.C. McDonald's, though police say the two events are not connected.

Two teens were arrested for beating and robbing Marquez in an attack that was caught on surveillance video.

Marquez said on Fox and Friends earlier this week that the teens who attacked him should face hate crime charges. 

He said that the juveniles repeatedly asked him if he believed "black lives matter" before attacking him from behind as he left the restaurant. 

Read more on the Schroeder attack, here.

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