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A brawl involving about 100 Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees broke out at a shelter in Belgium, leaving seven people injured.

The clash reportedly happened because a group of Afghan men were harassing a Syrian woman for refusing to wear a headscarf.

A Red Cross spokesperson said that the four people who started the fight were transferred to a detention center. One person was sent to the hospital for their injuries.

A YouTube video of the incident showed people throwing punches, throwing garbage bins and swinging brooms.

The Belgian State Secretary for Asylum and Migration condemned the incident.

“I find it totally unacceptable that some young Afghans find it necessary to tell Syrian girls to wear a headscarf and that they should not dress like Western girls,” Theo Francken said, according to RT.

“They come here, they are guests here. We are not theirs. They have to adapt to our rules,” he added.

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