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Two amazing women are embarking on a 161-mile run across the state of California to honor the 161 women who lost their lives serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Marine Corps Capt. Maggie Seymour and Navy Lt. Michelle Gosselin told Diana Falzone that the four-day Valor Run will take them all the way from Los Angeles to San Diego.

They said that they have three main objectives: to raise money for the organization Team Red, White, & Blue, to show the families of fallen service members that their loved ones are and will always be remembered, and to raise awareness of the significance of women in combat and their integral role in the military.

Seymour and Gosselin said that they've been training for the intense, high-mileage trek by doing extensive running, crossfit and yoga in recent months.

What do you think is the best way for Americans to support our troops and veterans? Falzone asked.

Seymour said that a simple "thank you" or a handshake to show appreciation often goes a long way.

She added that going to a VA center or hospital to volunteer and spend some time with vets is also a great way to show your support. 

Watch more above and follow Seymour and Gosselin's progress, here.

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