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On a special post-debate "Kelly File," Charles Krauthammer said tonight's GOP debate in Houston -- the last one before Super Tuesday -- was "about the roughest fight we've had since Ali/Frazier."

Krauthammer said he was "amazed" at how Marco Rubio found a strategy to use against Donald Trump.

"He came into the ring within ten seconds, he'd almost run across the ring to throw haymakers at Trump," he said.

Krauthammer said "the electric moment" of the debate was when Rubio went after Trump on healthcare.

"That's when Rubio used ridicule in going after Trump on his so-called solution or replacement for Obamacare. And what he did is he tried to show...that there was really nothing there in the Trump proposal."

Krauthammer said the moment of the event that was most remarkable and will be the most talked about was when Rubio called out Trump for repeating himself.

Watch a clip of Krauthammer's analysis above.

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