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New reports indicate that President Obama is considering nominating Republican Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval to the Supreme Court. 

The potential pick of the former federal judge is seen as a way for Obama to pressure Senate Republicans who have vowed not to consider any nominee until after the presidential election.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, of Nevada, has praised Sandoval and said he would support the pick.

(UPDATE: Sandoval has since said he does not wish to be considered for the high court.)

Obama said the Senate should not stand in the way "for political reasons" if the American people agree that his nominee is qualified.

So what should the GOP-controlled Senate do if Obama puts forth this nomination?

Absolutely nothing, Charles Krauthammer argued on "Special Report."

He said it would be a "huge mistake" if Republicans did anything other than completely "stonewall."

"I don't have any of the confidence that George (Will) has in the nimbleness and intelligence of Republicans in managing this. The minute they open this up, they are gonna get rolled. This is the Scalia seat. This would change the court for a generation. ... I think it's something that you can't lose," he argued.

Krauthammer said he believes if the GOP even begins to consider a nominee like Sandoval, "they will cave."

Watch the panel's analysis above. 

On America's Newsroom this morning, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, agreed with Krauthammer's opinion. 

"He hit the nail right on the head," said Hatch, explaining that the GOP opposition is not based on any individual person. 

Hatch said it comes down to a belief that voters should decide and that the Supreme Court fight should not take place amid the "screaming and shouting" of the presidential campaign.

Watch the interview below.

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