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Tantaros: Romney's Attack on Trump Is Just Like Harry Reid in 2012

In her "Off The Record" commentary tonight, Greta Van Susteren called out former Gov. Mitt Romney for his "cheap shot" about GOP frontrunner Donald Trump's tax returns.

The 2012 GOP nominee said on "Your World" with Neil Cavuto on Wednesday that there could be "a bombshell in Donald Trump's taxes" and called on the billionaire to release them.

She said that Romney's insinuations about Trump's taxes parallel those made by Sen. Harry Reid (D) about Romney back in the 2012 race.

"You would think after Reid did it to him that he would be the last person to stoop that low," Greta said. "Romney knows that is a low blow. And just like Reid, Romney doesn't know what is in or not in Trump's tax returns. It is just a cheap shot."

"I have always admired Romney, but tonight I am disappointed in him," she continued.

Watch the "Off The Record" commentary above.

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