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A viral video shows a white balloon floating towards a grieving mother at her son's wake.

Viewers have commented that the balloon could be the child's spirit trying to comfort her.

Joy Ganda Vibar-Alamares, from the Philippines, posted the video to Facebook, and it's been viewed nearly five million times.

The video shows a distraught Vibar-Alamares at the wake of her seven-year-old son, Treb, who tragically died of cancer.

Suddenly, a white balloon near Treb's coffin floats across the room, directly towards her.

She embraces the balloon and continues to cry.

Family members say that they believe the balloon was being moved by Treb's spirit, as his way of comforting his mother from beyond the grave.

Whatever you may believe, the family says they now feel more at peace after the touching moment during the wake.

Watch the viral video above.

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