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Three triplets are at the center of a custody battle and federal lawsuit challenging California's surrogacy law.

Melissa Cook is a 37-year-old surrogate mother who gave birth to triplets she was carrying Monday night in Los Angeles.

But the father who hired her initially told her to have an abortion, claiming he could not afford all three babies.

She refused, saying she is pro-life, and is now fighting for parental rights.

Cook's lawyer said a California state judge gave the father parental rights, and as a result, the infants were taken away from Cook the instant they were born.

"They won't even tell her how the babies are doing," her lawyer, Harold Cassidy, said.

The father's lawyer issued a statement on his behalf, saying "there have been many misrepresentations made about the matter."

"My interest is in protecting my three children...I have no interest in sensationalizing the situation," the statement said.

Cook's lawyers are appealing and say they will be back in court later this week.

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