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Sen. Marco Rubio joined Fox and Friends this morning on the heels of his distant second-place finish to Donald Trump in the Nevada caucuses.

Despite Trump's third straight win, Rubio argued that nearly two-thirds of GOP voters do not want Trump and said the field must narrow further in order to defeat the billionaire frontrunner.

"The majority of Republican voters do not want Donald Trump to be the nominee. I think that's been pretty clear now. The problem is they’re divided up among four people," he said. 

Trump pushed back against that argument later on the show.

"[The pundits] have been saying I've reached my ceiling for approximately six months," said Trump, adding that he will gain voters if other candidates drop out. 

Rubio said Trump is appealing to voters' anger, but continually refuses to specify how he will make good on his promises. 

Asked when he will start to put up some primary victories of his own, Rubio expressed confidence that he will "surprise" in some of the upcoming Super Tuesday states. 

Meantime, entrance polls found that Trump won big among voters who described themselves as "angry" and among those who want a political "outsider."

But he also came out way ahead among Hispanic voters, despite his strong stance on illegal immigration and calls for a border wall.

Rubio, who finished a distant second, called into question the accuracy of the numbers, saying Hispanics are only 7 or 8 percent of the electorate in Nevada and there is a "huge margin of error."

"I'm not saying it isn't true, it could be," he said.

Watch the full interview above and tune in tonight at 9:00pm ET to hear from Sen. Rubio, along with Sen. Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson and Gov. John Kasich in a special two-hour "Kelly File" town hall with Texas voters.

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