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A family was out enjoying the snow in California’s Tahoe National Forest when suddenly, the unthinkable happened.

Ten-year-old Samantha White had plunged into a giant 10-foot snow hole – and when her dad tried to help, she only fell in further.

To make matters worse, they were told help from 911 wouldn’t arrive for at least an hour, said her dad William White.

“Sammy’s screaming, ‘don’t let go of me, Daddy!’ and my wife is screaming at me, ‘don’t let go of Samantha!’” White recounted on Fox and Friends.

Thankfully, a search-and-rescue unit happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Bob Gehlen of Marin County Sheriff’s Office said his team was hiking on the mountain when they spotted the family’s dilemma.

“I yelled down to Samantha that help was on the way, that we were here and she would be out shortly,” said Gehlen.

The team managed to pull the little girl, who was ankle-deep in ice water, out safely.

“I feel good today,” Samantha said. “It was just really scary when I was in the hole.”

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