'Winning, Winning, Winning': Trump Gives Victory Speech After Dominant NV Caucus Win

Fox News Entrance Polls Show Trump Leading With 'Angry' Voters

Nevada’s GOP caucuses experienced record-high voter turnout last night, with a staggering 75,000 showing up to cast their ballots.

But the overwhelming number of people who showed up also caused problems across the state, Alicia Acuna reported.

Several people uploaded photos of campaign volunteers wearing gear with their candidates’ names on them, arguing that it could have brought voter intimidation and possibly even misconduct.

One man tweeted: “just wrong that the guy collecting votes wears Trump shirt/hat! Did he change my vote?”

Caucus officials, however, say there are no rules prohibiting volunteers from wearing candidates’ memorabilia.

Other problems reported included confusion on whom to cast their ballots with, and remarkably long lines, Acuna reported.

Officials say the long wait time is a good thing, as it points out to high voter turnout.

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