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A Navy officer just back from deployment gave his young son a thrilling surprise, caught on video.

Before the big moment, the boy's mother, Jennifer Cullen, holding the camera, told 7-year-old Alex that his father -- who'd been away for 99 days -- had something to tell him and asked him to guess what it was.

"It's a huuuge surprise," Jennifer says. "If you could think of one surprise in the whole world what would it be?"

"Him coming home?" Alex responds, emotionally, as Sean walks up from behind.

At that moment, Alex turns around just in time to see his father and yelps in joy. They hug each other as Alex cries.

"Hey buddy," he says, planting kisses on Alex's cheeks.

The powerful video has been watched more than two million times since it was posted by Love What Matters on Facebook yesterday.

Inside Edition reported that Chief Petty Officer Sean Cullen has served 11 years and just served a lengthy deployment in the Middle East.

Jennifer told the newsmagazine that Alex loves his father so much that he wears a camouflage backpack every day and tells everybody he meets that his daddy is "The Chief."

He also stays connected to his father while he's on deployment with a "Daddy Doll."

Commenter Mindy Cherches Nelson wrote on Facebook that the video shows "the heavy burden taken on by military personnel and their families."

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