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Donald Trump vowed to do three things on Day 1 if he wins the White House. 

In the interview this morning after Trump's Nevada caucus victory, ABC News' George Stephanopoulos asked him about what he would try to do immediately. 

Trump responded that he'd start by "knocking out" some of Obama's executive orders, including the one on the border where people are "allowed to pour into our country like Swiss cheese."

He said he'd also get rid of ObamaCare and start taking care of our veterans. 

Stephanopoulos countered that there have been few specifics given by Trump about how he'll accomplish his campaign promises.

Trump, however, argued that he's been very specific about how he'll build the border wall and about ObamaCare. 

He said "health savings accounts" could be an option, promising to have "great health care at a fraction of the cost."

Trump also said it's a lot of work to get endorsements from elected officials and that they're a "waste of time." 

"They want me to go to certain areas, have a big news conference. I'd rather be with the people," he said. 

Watch his comments above.

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