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Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) went "On The Record" tonight to explain why he's one of the first people on Capitol Hill to endorse Donald Trump.

Hunter said it comes down to three things: national security, border security and manufacturing/trade.

"He's not a 'policy wonk,' he's a leader," Hunter said. "And I think we need a leader as president."

He said he appreciates that Trump wears his emotions on his sleeve and inspires people to believe that America can be great once again.

"You're going to see more members of Congress come out of the 'Donald Trump closet' on this," Hunter said. "I think we're all free to choose who we like and who we think will do the best job. And that's what I did."

"And I think you're going to have other people do it too - and probably really soon."

Watch the endorsement, above.

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