UPDATE: One person was killed in the collapse, while three are missing and "unlikely to be alive," a local fire chief said. 

Five more people were seriously injured. Read more, via BBC.

Some dramatic videos are circulating on social media this afternoon after part of a UK power station collapsed.

At least one person is reported to have been killed in what has been called a major incident.

Some initial reports stated there was an explosion, but that has not been confirmed.

Demolition work was reportedly being carried out at the location.

Pictures from the scene show a large part of the former oil and gas plant - called Didcot A - had collapsed.

Didcot A shut down in 2013, but a natural gas plant, Didcot B, was still functioning.

The Didcot plant is located in south Oxfordshire, about 50 miles west of London.

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See footage of the reported collapse below:

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