Detainees Previously Deemed 'Significant Terrorists' Leaving Gitmo

1 in 3 Freed Gitmo Detainees Go Back to Fight; UBL's Former Cook the Latest

President Obama introduced a plan this morning to close Guantanamo Bay, arguing that it is a waste of money and continues to be used as a propaganda tool by terrorists. 

He said that terrorists can be tried in U.S. courts and held at maximum-security facilities, though he did not specify a location. 

Obama said President Bush "to his credit" wanted to close the facility. 

"I don't want to pass this problem on to the next president. If, as a nation, we don't deal with this now, when will we deal with it? Are we gonna let this linger on for another 15 years? Another 20 years? Another 30 years?" he asked.

Obama said even though it's an election year, he expects Congress to consider the plan that he is going to submit.

He said that closing the prison would "reflect the lessons we've learned since 9/11."

Obama said that the nation's allies continually raise the issue of closing Gitmo.

Congress has passed legislation in recent years preventing the Obama administration from moving the detainees to U.S. soil. 

Watch the full remarks above.

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