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North and South Carolina firefighters have faced a rash of thefts from parked vehicles at several fire stations, so retired Army veteran Woody Williams decided to take action.

When the firefighters at Charlotte Fire Department Station 7 head out to a call, Williams stands watch over the firehouse.

He says he's just giving back to the firefighters who have given him so much.

“Since they had all the bad press about the burglar breaking into the firefighters’ cars in other areas, I said, ‘Well, as an old veteran, I can come over here and keep an eye on this place,’” Williams told WBTV. “When I hear them go out, I just say, ‘Well, I’ll come over here and keep an eye on things’.”

A photo of Williams "keeping an eye on things" in his plaid jacket and pajama pants has quickly gone viral.

Williams says he'll continue to watch his local firefighters' backs, and he's got a strong warning for any potential burglars.

“You will get caught, it’s just a matter of time before we get you. And we’re coming for you.”

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