'Reckless, Illegal': See Republican Responses to Obama's Plan to Close Gitmo

Keane: It's a 'Myth' for Obama to Say Terrorists Use Gitmo for Propaganda

On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to President Obama announcing his plan to close Guantanamo Bay.

Gutfeld said that Obama has been so obsessed with closing the detention facility that he's letting everything else fall to the side, including our safety.

"He'd release high-risk heathens, knowing many head right back out to kill," Gutfeld said. "And it's all based on a myth: that bad things done to us are caused by mean things we did first."

He argued that's simply not true and Gitmo, as a recruitment tool, does not breed terror, a point Gen. Jack Keane also made today.

Gutfeld also disagreed with Obama's assertion that the facility undermines our standing in the world, instead placing the blame for that right at Obama's feet.

"Gitmo shaming gives leftists a phony concern, without having to judging our enemies," Gutfeld said.

He added that Obama apparently believes that freeing terrorists is the most important thing to do in Cuba, taking precedence over fighting poverty or helping the country achieve freedom of the press.

"To him that's 'closing a chapter on our history,'" Gutfeld said. "It makes you wonder what book he's been reading."

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