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Has the media treated Donald Trump unfairly? 

Jon Scott asked Fox News media analyst Bernard Goldberg for his thoughts on Happening Now.

Goldberg said at times Trump has been mistreated, citing the New York Daily News' sensational covers, for example.

But he said the media overall has failed to challenge Trump on many of his statements, like when he questioned President Obama's birth certificate.

"The bigger concern from my point of view is too often they let him get away with stuff that they would never let another politician get away with," he argued.

Scott noted that when Trump rails against the media, it generates a huge favorable response from his crowds. 

Goldberg said that Trump supporters seem to be willing to ignore what he says because they're so fed up with Washington. 

"I think Donald Trump, more than any other single thing, is a symbol and the symbol is the middle finger aimed at everything [that] his most passionate supporters detest in politics as usual and in politicians," he said.

Watch his full analysis above.

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