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Marine veteran Sgt. Christopher Marquez, who was beaten and robbed at a Washington D.C. McDonald’s, appeared on "Fox and Friends" today to give an update on his condition and discuss two arrests in the case.

Marquez, who earned a Bronze Star for his heroism in Iraq, told Brian Kilmeade that police have made two arrests so far, a male and a female, both teens.

"They're charging the male with aggravated assault, the female with pick pocketing, but didn't say anything about a hate crime so far," Marquez said, explaining that he believes he was targeted solely because he's white.

"I believe that I should get the same type of protection as other people in this country as well," Marquez said. "And we all know if this was the other way around, it would be considered a hate crime automatically. And it was a hate crime because they did target me because of my skin color."

Police reportedly identified the third male suspect, who has not been arrested yet.

Luckily, Marquez will have help as he recovers, because Fox News viewers and others around the country have poured money into a GoFundMe campaign supporting the brave veteran.

So far, more than $34,000 has been raised, which will be used to pay current and future medical bills, university payments and overall debt. Marquez said he will also be making a donation to a veterans group.

"All this support and love, it's truly awesome," Marquez said. "And it just shows why America is truly the greatest country in the world."

Watch the full interview above.

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