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New legislation is being pushed that would grant illegal immigrants the right to vote in New York City, according to The New York Post.

The proposal to extend voting rights to undocumented immigrants, allowing them to vote in elections for city-wide offices as soon as next year, was highlighted at a recent Black and Latino Legislative Caucus event.

But could this bill ever be passed? Judge Andrew Napolitano doesn't think so, and he explained why this morning on "Varney & Co."

Judge Napolitano pointed out that there is nothing in the Constitution requiring U.S. citizenship to vote, but there are federal statutes that do.

He said that makes it nearly inconceivable that the city or state of New York could interfere with that premise.

He suggested that this is only being discussed because New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is "pandering to a political group."

"I don't think this could ever come to pass," Judge Napolitano said. "The political will against non-citizens voting is nearly overwhelming and it's bipartisan.

Get more insight from Judge Napolitano in the clip above, including his thoughts on Bernie Sanders stating that Pope Francis is a socialist.

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