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Donald Trump has made his debut on "Game of Thrones!" 

OK, not really, but the viral video above definitely captures the imagination.

"Winter is Trumping" has been watched more than 500,000 times in the last few days. 

The spoof video imagines the billionaire GOP presidential frontrunner uttering some of his most famous campaign lines on the hit HBO drama.

"Armed with a Valyrian steel sword named Deal-Maker, Donald Trump embarks on a quest through Westeros to take care its border policies," YouTube user huw parkinson writes. 

Trump won the South Carolina primary by double-digits on Saturday night and, according to the polls, is well positioned to secure his third straight win tomorrow night in the Nevada caucuses. 

Watch the incredible video above, as Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and more encounter Trump.

Also, tune in tonight at 10:00pm ET to see Sean Hannity's hour-long interview with Trump in Las Vegas.

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