Cruz Dismisses Top Campaign Staffer Rick Tyler After Falsified Rubio Video

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Ted Cruz explained to Bill O'Reilly tonight that he asked for the resignation of national spokesman Rick Tyler because he demands that his campaign operate at the very highest standards of integrity.

Tyler was let go earlier today after he was linked to a video that falsely depicted Marco Rubio disparaging the Bible.

"We are not going to call anyone's faith into question," Cruz said. "That is a standard that I set from the very beginning, and that's why I asked for Rick's resignation."

As for his fellow GOP presidential contenders - like Rubio and Donald Trump - piling on following this incident, Cruz said that they prefer to go on the attack as opposed to defending their own records.

In particular, he pointed to Trump apparently changing his position on Planned Parenthood and abortion over the years.

"Both of them have been engaging in very nasty, very personal attacks relentlessly and daily," Cruz said. "My focus is on facts and substance."

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