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According to a recent article in Brown University’s campus newspaper, some students are now complaining that their coursework is getting in the way of their political activism.

“There are people breaking down, dropping out of classes and failing classes because of the activism work they are taking on,” The Brown Daily Herald quoted one undergraduate student as saying.

That student was later granted deadline extensions for assignments by deans at the school, the paper reported.

“These were helpful, he said, but acted only as ‘bandages’ for the underlying causes of stress.”

Princeton University alum Pete Hegseth joined Fox and Friends to sound off on the latest round of collegiate complaints.

“Last time I checked, doing other things other than your schoolwork is called ‘extracurricular,’” he lamented.

Hegseth described how in his college days, he’d played a varsity sport, participated in ROTC and run a conservative publication – all while keeping up his grades.

“[I] managed to graduate without anyone ever saying, ‘Oh, here’s some more time. You don’t have to go to class,’” he said. "These are coddled elites."

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