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In her "Off The Record" commentary tonight, Greta Van Susteren criticized President Obama for planning a trip to Cuba right after "blowing off" Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's funeral.

She noted that Obama promised he would not travel to Cuba until there is some progress in liberty, freedom and possibilities available to ordinary Cubans.

Greta said that's not happening, pointing to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest admitting as much on Thursday.

"So what does President Obama have to say about his upcoming Cuba trip?" Greta said. "He told the White House press pool that it will be 'fun.' Fun?"

She said the president breaking his promise and representing Americans in a repressive society because it's "fun" sends a horrible message.

"I have nothing against the president having fun, but can't he just go to Disney World? That would be a much better message."

Watch Greta's "Off The Record" commentary above.

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