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On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld weighed in on the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

Gutfeld said that Donald Trump, who is dominating the race, represents the "unknown."

"And there's the rub," Gutfeld said. "Conservatives, as a rule, prefer the known. Hence, 'conservative.'"

He said Marco Rubio is the "safe date" in the 2016 race, while Trump is popular because he's the "bad boy."

"But maybe it's time he ditched the mystery for specifics," Gutfeld said. "The only reason not to, is if he's got none. That's the problem with 'bad boys': They get by on being bad."

He said that Trump wins big with people for "telling it like it is," while Marco Rubio, meanwhile, wins on electability.

"As you fret over Hillary or Bernie, it pays to ask which one matters most."

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