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A waitress in Georgia has been arrested for allegedly spiking a coworker’s drink with methamphetamine.

The nightmare unfolded at a Waffle House in Dawsonville last December, when an employee apparently fell into “a comatose state” and had to be taken to hospital, according to the Associated Press.

He was later said to have overdosed on the drug.

Officials say surveillance video at the restaurant shows 43-year-old Sonsorea Dawn Evans picking up the man’s cup when he went outside for a break.

She then took the cup to the bathroom and returned it before he came back in.

“Within an hour, he’s getting medical attention,” Sheriff’s Capt. Tony Wooten told the AP.

Evans has been charged with illegal drug possession and aggravated battery.

Court documents show that she has pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine at least once before.

The victim has not been identified.  But officials say that the overdose made him so sick, he went into critical condition and as of late last week, was still in recovery.

“At one point, he was in a comatose state on a ventilator,” said Capt. Wooten.

A spokesman for Waffle House said that Evans was fired as soon as they saw the surveillance footage.

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