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Hours before the Nevada caucus, Donald Trump sat down with Sean Hannity for a wide-ranging, hour-long interview in front of a live audience.

They discussed everything from the GOP frontrunner’s prospects in Nevada and next week’s Super Tuesday, to Trump’s take on “common-sense conservatism” and powerful opinions on health care. He also answered some questions from members of the audience.

See some of the highlights below.


Trump weighed in on whether he could see himself getting along with fellow Republican candidates after all of the attacks being hurled at him on the campaign trail.

He said that, not being a politician, it would be difficult to forgive "all of the lies and misrepresentations" that were said about him and referred to a Cruz ad being aired in Nevada about Trump and federal land -- “it’s like where do they come up with these ideas?”


Trump explained to Sean how he evolved from someone holding liberal positions into a "common-sense conservative," comparing the trajectory of his beliefs to Ronald Reagan.

He said that Reagan “wasn’t the most conservative President, but he evolved into a Republican that was fairly conservative.”

Trump said that he’s “as conservative as can be” on issues like military and veterans, getting rid of “Common Core” in favor of local education, and repealing Obamacare.


Trump said a controversial tweet he fired off over the weekend wondering if Obama would have gone to Scalia's funeral "if it were held in a mosque" was meant to be funny, but also express a serious criticism.

“It was meant to be cute, but the truth is he should have been at that funeral,” he said.


Trump said that when it comes to stopping Iran from building a nuclear bomb, he would rely on Israel, "because they know more what's going on." 

He said that President Obama “is the worst thing that ever happened to Israel.”

He also said that making a deal between Israel and the Palestinians would be "the ultimate deal," but acknowledged it would also be "the toughest of all deals," due to deep-seated hatred on the Palestinian side.

Looping back to healthcare, Trump repeated his commitment to ensuring access to healthcare for everyone.

“When I’m president, I am not going to let people die in the middle of the street because they have no money,” he said.

Trump said he gets standing ovations at his rallies when he says that, “and yet that doesn’t sound like a very Republican thing.”

Trump said he’s “100 percent pro-life.” He said that, although Planned Parenthood serves a function for women's health, he would not support funding them if they perform abortions.

"They're set up to help millions of women, but I would defund if they do abortion," he said.

After the interview, Trump took some questions from the audience. One younger member asked how he could better inspire millenials.

Trump said that young people are “up to their neck” in debt from college and want to know that they’ll be able to find a job when they get out.

“I’m going to be the greatest jobs-producing president that God ever created,” he said.

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