WATCH: Hillary Says She's Never Lied to the American People

Fox News Projects Hillary Clinton Winner of NV Democratic Caucuses

“Wall Street can never be allowed to threaten Main Street again. No bank can be too big to fail, no executive too powerful to jail.”

Sound familiar?

That’s because Bernie Sanders has been using these talking points as his signature applause lines for months.

So when Democratic rival Hillary Clinton appeared to be borrowing his lines out on the campaign trail on Saturday – he called her out.

“We’re looking into the copyright issues here,” he joked the next day. “Those are our words!”

Bret Baier broke down Clinton’s revised message this morning, saying that it’s an attempt to appeal to young voters who typically tend to go for Sanders.

“That’s because she lost young people, about 85 to 10,” he explained.

“If Bernie Sanders doesn’t win the nomination, he will have succeeded in changing the Democrats’ playbook, and their platform, perhaps.”

Watch the remarks, above.

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