Happy 100th Birthday to These Identical Twins in Indiana

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Flossie Dickey has reached an impressive milestone in her life – but all she really wants to do is take a nice long nap, she says.

Dickey was born in Oregon on Feb. 18, 1906.

She sat down for an interview with Fox 28 on her 110th birthday in Washington, where she now lives.

Dickey was being celebrated on the front page of the local newspaper that day, and her family was about to join her for a special birthday party.

But was she excited?

"Not one bit," she said.

Dickey's favorite activity? To “take a nap as many times as I can," she said.

And her secret to a long life?

“I don’t fight it. I just live it,” she replied.

A representative for the home where Dickey lives says she is “a jokester,” whose other favorite thing to do is just sit down and enjoy some straight whiskey.

Watch Dickey’s interview above, and join us in wishing her a happy birthday!

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