WATCH: Trump Gives Victory Speech from South Carolina

'Our Country Deserves a President for Everyone': Jeb Drops Out of Race

Marco Rubio called out Donald Trump after the South Carolina primary last night, saying that the GOP front-runner should be more specific on his plans for American foreign policy.

“I think Donald, now that the race has narrowed, really needs to step up and outline his foreign policy vision,” Rubio said.

“And it can't be that he relies on experts he won't name. I mean, presidents have to know on day one about the difficult issues that confront this country on the global stage.”

Rubio’s remarks come just as 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney has pledged his support to Marco Rubio, The Huffington Post reported on Sunday. An official announcement has not yet been made.

The Florida senator also told Fox News that some staffers from Jeb Bush’s campaign – which last night he suspended – will now join his team.

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