WATCH: Trump Gives Victory Speech from South Carolina

Rubio: 'This Has Become a Three-Person Race'

John Kasich’s campaign last night declared the contest for the GOP nomination “a four-man race,” claiming victory for the Ohio governor in a so-called “governors’ bracket.”

This morning, Kasich joined Maria Bartiromo to explain his remarks.

“We think it is a four-man race,” said Kasich.

“We’ve had a lot of governors in the race. I’m the last one standing and I feel very good about that.”

Kasich’s comments run in stark contrast to those of Marco Rubio, who last night had declared the turnout in South Carolina the beginning of “a three-person race.”

Maria asked the governor to explain his ground game going forward, and whether he would consider teaming up with another candidate as a potential vice president.

Kasich said no.

“I’m the governor of Ohio. I’ve got the second best job in America,” he explained.

“Look, I don’t run for second, I run for first. And that’s just the way it has to be.”

Watch Kasich’s interview, above.

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