LINEUP: Watch Fox News' Special Saturday Election Coverage

Fox News Projects Hillary Clinton Wins Nevada Democratic Caucuses

New Fox News exit polls from South Carolina’s Republican primary are in, and they’re beginning to provide a picture of what the state's voters are looking for in a president.

Here’s a look at what the results say so far.

Voters who characterize themselves as “angry with the federal government” appear to be backing Donald Trump.


Meanwhile, those who say they only made up their minds in the final days are appearing to go mainly for Marco Rubio, with Ted Cruz in a close second.


And of those who believe that illegal immigrants should be offered a chance to apply for legal status, many also seemed to be supporting Rubio.


Voters who named terrorism as their top concern, however, look to be placing confidence in Cruz and Trump.


Watch Martha MacCallum’s breakdown of more Fox News exit polls, above.

Stay tuned to Fox News Channel for continuing special election coverage of South Carolina's Republican primary.

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