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Fox News Projects Donald Trump Winner of SC GOP Primary

Of all the factors that brought about Donald Trump’s victory in South Carolina tonight, pundits might not have predicted this.

Fox News exit polls are painting a picture of the voters who decided to support the billionaire businessman in the just-held Republican presidential primary.

Here’s what we found so far.

Close to half of the state’s GOP voters who believe illegal immigrants should be deported turned out for Trump.


And those who are frustrated with the way the federal government operates overwhelmingly appeared to support Trump as well.


But one of Donald Trump’s most famous and controversial comments, which proposed a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, appeared to reward him in South Carolina tonight, too.

As much as 73 percent of the state’s GOP voters agree with that idea – and mostly decided to go for Trump.


Martha MacCallum also reported on the surprising percentage of voters who say they feel betrayed by Republican politicians – and solidly went for Trump.

Watch the breakdown of Fox News exit polls, above.

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