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Here's a hilarious - and cringeworthy - "Wheel of Fortune" fail.

During Wednesday's show, a couple solved the prize puzzle "Gondola Ride Through Venice," winning a trip to the iconic "City of Canals."

As the ecstatic couple, David and Keri, celebrated the win, host Pat Sajak had a quick geography quiz for them: "What country do you think we're sending you to?"

"Paris," David quickly answered, as the studio audience laughed uncomfortably.

"France," he confidently clarified a moment later.

Realizing both answers were dead wrong, Keri nervously asked, "Do we still get it?"

After catching his breath from laughing so hard, Sajak confirmed that the couple would still get their trip to Venice, Italy.

The couple wound up winning $60,432.

Watch the hilariously awkward moment above.

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