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A Florida man attempted to rob a Walgreens pharmacy on Valentine's Day, but he was painfully thwarted by a boxing champion.

Surveillance footage shows Anthony Nemeth walk into the store, leap up onto the pharmacy counter and demand all the Oxycodone pills.

Unfortunately for Nemeth, the pharmacist's boyfriend, David West, was there, and he's a professional boxer and two-time winner of the Florida State PAL Boxing Championships.

The footage shows West casually walk over to the thief, pull him off the counter, yank his white towel mask and sweater off, and land a series of hard punches to his face, knocking the would-be robber out cold.

West then held Nemeth down until police arrived.

"I was protecting the one I love," West told ABC News. "I have to say, she's really the reason why I reacted so quickly. It was just instinct to protect her."

Nemeth was brought to hospital for treatment and then brought to county jail. He is charged with armed robbery.

Watch the surveillance video below.

(WARNING: graphic content)

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