Tantaros: 'Highly Hypocritical' of Obama to Lecture GOP About SCOTUS

Obama: SCOTUS Vacancy Offers Chance to Rise Above 'Venom and Rancor' of D.C.

Sen. Ted Cruz has come under fire for using a fake picture of Marco Rubio and President Obama shaking hands. 

The photo, which appeared on Cruz's website, touted "The Rubio-Obama Trade Pact."

Observers quickly pointed out that the picture was photoshopped using a stock image readily available on the internet. 

Rubio told Megyn Kelly that the Cruz campaign is demonstrating a "pattern" of dishonesty that began in Iowa when Ben Carson supporters were falsely told that the neurosurgeon would be dropping out of the race.

"It's just an ongoing pattern," said Rubio, arguing that the Cruz campaign is willing to "make things up" in order to win. 

Martha MacCallum pressed Rick Tyler, the Cruz campaign's national spokesman, this morning on America's Newsroom, asking why they would use this fake photo.

"Every picture in a political campaign is photo-shopped," said Tyler. 

"Oh come on. That's the answer!?" she responded.

Tyler argued that there are many photos out there of Rubio and Obama shaking hands. 

"If they don't like the picture that we picked, send me the picture they like of Marco Rubio shaking hands with Barack Obama and we'll swap it out," said Tyler, adding that the president recently said he likes Rubio's "Gang of 8" immigration reform plan.

Tyler said Rubio doesn't want to talk about his record, accusing the Rubio campaign of attending Cruz's events and putting negative fliers in the bathrooms. 

Watch Marco Rubio's "Kelly File" appearance below.

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