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Cybersecurity expert John McAfee said on Fox Business Network today that he'll help unlock an iPhone that once belonged to one of the San Bernardino terrorists.

McAfee agreed with tech giants Google and Microsoft that Apple should not comply with the FBI's request that the company create a backdoor to the iPhone.

The Justice Department filed a motion today to compel Apple to go along with the request.

McAfee said on The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan that Apple is being asked by the FBI to alter its operating system to allow a "backdoor to all encryption" on iPhones. 

"We are human beings. Even if only one person in the FBI has that backdoor, I promise you, soon 100 people will have it and soon it will be outside the FBI. This is the way the world works," he said.

McAfee explained that it would take about three weeks to crack this one terrorist's phone, joking that if he can't do it, he'll "eat his shoe" on Neil Cavuto's show.

Regan argued that the backdoor could potentially allow the FBI to prevent catastrophic terror attacks in the future. 

McAfee said he has no issue with Apple opening up just that one phone. 

"Why don't they just crack that one phone? That's the phone they want. They're asking Apple to give them the ability to crack every Apple cell phone in existence," he said, arguing that "backdoor" technology always falls into the wrong hands. 

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