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Television star and comedian Tim Allen joined Megyn Kelly tonight to give his take on the 2016 election and the candidates who are vying for the presidency.

Allen, who plays a conservative character on the hit sitcom "Last Man Standing" and is also a conservative in real-life, said he's a fan of John Kasich.

He explained that he likes the Ohio governor's resume and his "heart."

"I know this might be the kiss of death for him, but he's almost a Republican the Democrats would like," Allen said.

As for Hillary Clinton, Allen had a pretty priceless reaction when asked about the former First Lady...

Allen said that many liberal women on his show's writing staff have said it's about time for a woman in the Oval Office.

"So one of us said, 'If it was Sarah Palin, would it still be about time?' And boy, it looked like they all ate bad fish," Allen said.

Watch the "Kelly File" interview above.

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