Peters: Apple CEO a 'Phony' for Stance on Terrorist's iPhone

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Google and Microsoft have declared support for Apple after the tech giant refused a court order to provide the FBI with the means to unlock the iPhone that once belonged to one of the San Bernardino shooters.

Former Congressman Ron Paul weighed in on the issue, saying that tech companies "are on the side of liberty."

"They're on the side of the people who would like to have their encryption protected," he said. "Encryption's there to protect the people against illegal snooping and to honor the constitution."

Paul said the issue is not simply that the FBI wants to look at a dead terrorist's phone, but that it wants to force Apple to produce a product that would undermine safeguards against snooping that its customers value.

He also said that fear of terrorism is drummed up in order to increase the size of government and erode constitutional liberties.

"This is all done to design and control and magnify the size of the federal government, and undo the Constitution. They're doing a very good job. And it's all done out of fear and innuendo."

Watch the heated "Intelligence Report" interview above.

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