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Donald Trump continues to dominate the race for the Republican nomination, according to a new Fox News national poll.

Among self-identified GOP primary voters, Trump leads the national race with 36 percent. Ted Cruz captured 19 percent, while Marco Rubio received 15 percent.

Jeb Bush and Ben Carson got nine percent each, and John Kasich came in sixth with eight percent.

White evangelical Christians voting in the GOP primary favored Trump (28 percent) and Cruz (26 percent) over Rubio (15 percent) and Carson (15 percent).

Men (40 percent) were more likely than women (32 percent) to make Trump their first choice. Still, he’s the favorite for each.

Despite Trump’s strengths in the primary race, he’s the weakest of the GOP candidates in hypothetical matchups against Hillary Clinton.

Rubio (+4) and Kasich (+3) perform best against Clinton. Cruz and Bush each top Clinton by one point.

Trump, on the other hand, trails Clinton 42-47 percent, and Bernie Sanders 38-53 percent.

By a slim 49-48 percent, Republicans said Trump “has the temperament” to serve effectively as president, while voters overall said he doesn’t by 67-30 percent.

Read more about the poll results, here.

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