Remember that time the Democratic presidential nominating process came down to coin flips?

Of course you do, it was only a few weeks ago in Iowa. 

Several caucus locations ended up with the exact same amount of people supporting Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. 

To decide a winner, the quirky party rules specified that a coin flip would have to be held to allocate delegates.

Videos of the coin flips quickly went viral that night and the next morning. 

The polls in Nevada are similarly tight ahead of Saturday's Democratic caucuses. 

If a tie happens there, however, a high-card draw will determine the awarding of delegates, Fox and Friends pointed out this morning.

If each person ends up with the same card, then the highest suit wins. Spades is ranked #1, followed by hearts, diamonds and clubs.  

Party rules specify that an unopened deck will be given to each precinct and each must be shuffled seven times before the draw.

Then-Sen. Barack Obama defeated Clinton in two high-card draws in Nevada in 2008. 

Below, check out Jonathan Hunt's report on why the state is a crucial battleground in the Dem race.